Midland Statement Redesign

Organizing the chaos.

If ever there was an ugly duckling in banking it would have to be bank statements. Midland was no different in providing hard to read and easy to confuse bank statements. They were in great need of a complete overhaul. This project was anything but an easy task. It can be extremely difficult to get bank systems to communicate with outside systems. Luckily we found a partner that could help us with the technical aspect of generating statements. And, luck for me, my role was completely on the creative and experience end of things. I worked with internal operations of Midland and the vendor partner who would be generating the new statements.

I jumped on this task. To finally create an easy to read organized bank statement was something you don’t see to often with banks. The end result was a statement that was broken into accounts with legible line breaks, columns and rows. We were able to include smart branding throughout the document and especially on page one. This simple design task took a small bank and made them look big.


May 15, 2018


Midland States Bank

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