Midland Interior

A fresh coat of paint.

Midland States Bank purchased a handful of banks in the Northern Illinois region. These banks had a variety of different interiors that needed a brand refresh. I lead our internal team and external vendor in creating new brand elements for our location in Joliet, Illinois.

A series of dark wood panels near the entrance and main back wall of the bank were our primary focus. While nice, they didn’t really give the interior of the bank a lively feel. We decided these panels had to go. We refreshed those areas with large Midland branded panels. The panels were installed with larger three-dimensional logos over a printed logo pattern. We created complimentary oversized panels to fill in the large blank wall areas around the bank. These added to the overall aesthetic without drawing attention away from the key brand elements.

Also, I apologize for the crummy photos. It’s all I could get. : (


May 15, 2018


Midland States Bank

Project Type

Environmental Graphics