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2011 was a unique time for Midland States Bank. They were in the middle of a rebranding project at the same time they were building a new headquarters. The headquarters is a¬†LEED certified¬†built building, so expectations were high on the finished spaces. The elements I helped in designing and creating were not part of the original architects renderings or plans. I pitched the idea of adding these branded elements to help give the building some Midland personality. I worked with outside vendors and the lead architect in creating interior graphics in key spaces and thoroughfares throughout the new headquarters. We created a number of high visible branded elements that focused on the bank’s heritage and future. The materials were carefully selected to fit within the architects original vision. The project resulted in praise from executive management and the board for taking an already beautiful building design and adding a little Midland spark.


May 15, 2018


Midland States Bank

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Environmental Graphics