Midland Card Plastics

Can’t leave home without it.

Credit and debit card plastics are another common staple product that is routinely over looked from an experience perspective. Being as such a lot of plastics go undesigned or under designed. Which in my estimation is a mistake. Card plastics¬†are a key touch point for customers on a daily basis. Especially a bank’s debit card. Under my recommendation of seizing this opportunity I set out to re-design the Midland card plastics. We used the brands bright color palette and strong signature brand mark as the foundation for the design. And, then we had a little fun with it, creating a unique card design that will be hard to miss in your bill fold.

We didn’t stop there. We also took this opportunity to re-redesign the typical card carriers that you new card plastic arrives in through the mail. We wanted that experience of getting your new card to be unique and better than the typical default carrier that most bank’s issue.¬†The result is you can’t leave home without it because we wouldn’t let you forget.


May 15, 2018


Midland States Bank

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