Midland Account Opening

Get started right.

Banks typically don’t think of themselves as having packaged products. You walk in, open an account and walk out with a large bundle of documents that say you did. The problem I saw, these documents don’t seem all that useful when you get home. And, where are you going to store them? To solve this, I developed and designed a smarter, smaller new account opening package.

The new design solved two issues. One, it reduced the number and or size of the documents you would receive. And second, the documents needed to be useful.

Shrinking the documents to half-sheet size solved issue number one. Now, a customer leaves the bank with a more elegant solution. And, as a result, the customer goes home happier for it.

Next, I needed to make the documents actually useful. I solved this by purposely ordering the documents in this package. The first item a customer sees when they open the package is a “Getting Started” guide. The guide contains simple steps to get an account up and running. I worked with different operational departments within the bank to ensure each help section was accurate, concise and easy to follow. The guide’s purpose was to answer the questions you may have by the time you made it home. Banking center staff and customers alike were thrilled with the new design.


May 15, 2018


Midland States Bank

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