Lego UCS Tie Fighter Package Redesign

A better box of bricks.

Full disclosure, I don’t know the design standards or thought practices that LEGO uses when creating their packaging art. I’ve only designed it as what I think might be cleaner package design that I like.

As a lover of LEGO and package design, I thought it might be fun to take a swing at redesigning a LEGO building set box package. I chose the UCS Tie Fighter set number 75095 as the subject of this redesign. The UCS LEGO series are typically aimed at adults and are signature model sets that contain more pieces, priced a little higher and usually have a higher age requirement. Since it’s aimed at adults I thought the model should be the centerpiece of the package and removed anything that isn’t part of the model. The original packaging has an action oriented hero shot on the front of the box. And from a kids perspective, this makes sense. And that might be LEGO’s philosophy across all of their lines regardless if it’s a UCS. However I wanted to create something that put sole focus on the toy inside.

The original packaging uses a familiar Star Wars star field for the backgrounds around the box. I chose to remove these. The LEGO model is primarily gray and black and I want the model to feel separate from the actual packaging. So I chose a color that’s not quite black for the entire package background. The black of the model will print darker and pull itself forward away from the background. This will set the focus on the model and just how cool it is.

On the side panels LEGO traditionally prints their logo along the long edge of the package. I think they should print it across the short edge like I’ve done here. Typically LEGO boxes are displayed standing up. The logo is not as quickly recognized when printed on it’s side. This is a small change, but I think having the brand mark upright especially in stores is important.

On my design I removed the gold trim and golden Star Wars logo. This design element could be coming from the Star Wars brand, but again for the purpose of cleaning up the design I took this element off. All of the disclosures and warning labels have moved to the bottom panel. This opens up the side panels for showing off the key internal components and dimensions of the built model.

The UCS emblem found on the front bottom of the box has also been updated. The current actual emblem doesn’t really feel LEGO to me. If this is a “Special Edition” LEGO set, then I think the emblem should reflect LEGO and feel special. The current emblem could be found on any toy package. You can read more about my new emblem concept here.

This was a quick fun redesign for a toy I love and a movie franchise I adore. I hope you enjoy my version.


May 15, 2018

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