LEGO UCS Emblem Redesign

A golden promise.

As part of an design exercise I took shot at redesigning a Ultimate Collector Series LEGO set, which you can read about here. As I was going through the elements of the packaging I recognized I didn’t care much for the emblem that’s currently being used to designate the UCS models. It looks a little un-special considering it’s a signature set from LEGO. Ultimate Collector Series sets are typically priced higher, have more pieces and are a more involved during the building process. These are LEGO’s most detailed sets and are aimed at collectors. Hence the name.

Their current emblem really is just a gold seal and could be found on any toy by any manufacturer. I didn’t want to deviated too far from LEGO’s original emblem direction. What I created is still very much an emblem, but it also incorporated the idea of LEGO. Even though the emblem in it’s current form is a little bit generic, customers take LEGO at their word when they print it on a package. My new design should capture the promise these sets are special and they are LEGO.

Now let’s go over the juicy details. A gold foil print is added to the block inside the hand. I’m not sure this version would ever make it to production based on cost, but I really think it delivers the message to the customer these sets are special. You can see the difference on the with and without the gold foil in the image gallery. The current emblem also has LEGO STAR WARS across the banner. This has been removed as I’m not sure it’s needed. Instead “Advanced Lego System” has replaced it in my version. This allows the emblem to be used on all UCS sets regardless which LEGO theme they belong. I believe doing this adds value back to UCS sets by using the word “Advanced”.

Let me know what you think. Did I improve upon what LEGO has already done? Or, do you like their original better?

It should also be worth noting that the LEGO Group might have very specific reasons why the emblem looks the way it does today and their choice in wording on the emblem. This is merely a design exercise I wanted to attempt for a toy company I love.


May 15, 2018

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