Always creating

What I’ve been up to lately.

Corporate brand manager/Creative director with 15+ years marketing and advertising experience. Most of that has been in the financial industry. Direct experience with new product creative development, brand guideline development and implementation, rebranding, web design and development. Interested in creating solutions for seemingly legacy problems.

Type of Projects


Branding and Identities

Environmental Graphics



Print Design


Having a sharp eye for detail. Strike That. Having two sharp eyes for detail. Pulling it all together. Solving problems. Creating results.

Skills that pay the bills.

I’d say I’m truly a multi-multi-displined creative. I have touched a wide gamut of project types ranging from simple newspaper ads, web development and branding to environmental interior and exterior design elements. I approach each of these disciplines by first absorbing myself in that craft, learning current trends, past knowledge, potential pitfalls and then applying that knowledge to the projects I’m working on.

For me, learning and broadening my range of skills makes working in the creative field fun and stimulating. I enjoy learning new things from areas I once had no prior experience. I thrive on figuring out how those new ideas can be applied to the tasks at hand.

 Traditional skills

Photoshop 0

Illustrator 0

InDesign 0

 Development skills



Javascript 0


Work Experience

Everywhere and everyone that has led me up to today. My work history has a solid history behind it. Each organization I’ve worked for has taught me valuable lessons as I’ve moved forward in my professional career. I’ve gained great relationships with teammates and vendor partners. These strong relationships have helped push the teams I’ve worked with forward. I believe we all move together. And, if we can’t, then we don’t move until we can figure out how we can.

Midland States Bank
Brand Manager / Creative Director

Feb. 2011 – Present

Integra Bank
Brand Manager / Creative Director

July 2001 – Feb. 2011


Jan. 2000 – Present

Daniel Burton Dean
Graphic Designer

Jan. 2000 – Feb. 2001